Monday, July 30, 2012


I can't believe this is actually happening. The secret is out... I started my mission papers about 2 weeks ago. I wasn't going to tell anyone (and I don't really mind blogging about this because I'm pretty sure no one reads this) but I feel like the most random people know anyways and I don't remember ever saying anything to them about it (my parentals can't stop talking about it). It doesn't feel real at all. I still feel like a baby and not old enough to do this. I wish I could leave right now. I still have one more semester of school before I leave. My family, especially my brother, all wanted me to go on a mish, but don't worry, it was my decision in the end. I know it's kinda early to start them, but I wanted to be ready to submit them in September. Most of all, I CAN'T WAIT to find out where I'll be going!!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

a must see

I think everyone should watch the documentary Food Matters. It is SO dang good and I loved it!