Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Just a few highlights from the past couple of days...
1. Hip hop class at ODC in San Francisco. Times like these I wish I lived in the city!
2. Dinner with most of the cousins in SF. It was so great to finally get us together and just catch up on life. I love my cousins!
3. My cousin's wedding. Loved having the family together and breaking it down on the dance floor!
4. Stargazing and saw a shooting star!
5. Last day of work. Bittersweet.
6. Had a farewell party for Rachel Tan and her family. I love them. She was my very first ballet teacher. I had a good time catching up with some ladies in the ward. I'm going to miss them. I like how all my LDS friends here are married and have children.
7. Lunch with Heathyr and Tamir at Sala Thai! Again...the only one single.
8. Hsiung family spur of the moment surprise visit.
9. HeyTell messages from Megan and Alyssa. Seriously the funniest messages I have ever heard. I even re-listened to them today when I was bored and needed a good laugh. I miss them so much!
10. BEST phone call from SISTER CAMILLE LEE! She is home from her mission. She served in Taiwan and her Chinese is profesh. It was really embarrassing to talk to her because I'm not so good in Chinese.

Just a few more days until I go back to Provo. Wow did summer fly by!!! I'm NOT ready to go back to school at all!!! But I am excited to see people!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

food Q&A.

I randomly found this and thought it would be fun to fill it out since I just love food.

What is the best food on a hot summer day?
- cold fruit
What is the worst flavor of ice cream?
- cottoncandy? I'm not a big fan of ice cream in general.
What is your favorite condiment?
- bbq sauce...also, does salt count? 
What is the ideal comfort food?
- 72% dark chocolate
What is the most important meal of the day?
- breakfast of course!
What do you do for exercise?
- step aerobics, weights, running, p90x
What Olympic sport would you like to try?
- I've always wished I could be a gymnast.
What was the first thing you learned to cook?
- maybe fried rice
What is your favorite dessert?
- It's a tie between apple crisp and thai sweet rice with mango.
What is your favorite salty snack?
- Currently....KALE chips with sea salt!! I just made them and ate the whole pan. Soo addicting! 
What vegetable do you hate?
- cucumbers.
What is the worst physical pain you have ever been in?
- stomach pains from having too much dairy.
Who taught you to cook?
- my mom
What food would you starve without?
- kale smoothies
What restaurant do you love even though you know you shouldn't?
- Sala Thai, it's just too delicious! 
What goals do you have for your health?
- I guess just to try to eat healthy. More fruits and vegetables, no meat. 
What food makes you think of Christmas?
- coffee cake! the Melendi tradition! i love it!
What is your favorite fruit?
- Mango and papaya
What is your favorite vegetable?
- Some chinese leafy vegetable that I don't know how to write.
What is something sweet you crave?
- anything with dark chocolate and peanut butter!