Monday, October 8, 2012

live in the moment

September was definitely a month with ups and downs. Probably one of the best yet hardest months. I've met some pretty awesome people. I love my roommates and the drives up the canyon late at night. Something about those millions of stars just relaxes us when we feel stressed or sad. How can Heavenly Father not love all his children!? He created this beautiful world for us to live in. I've learned a lot about myself and how the Spirit works in my life. Even though those lessons can be hard to learn, I've noticed a common theme in my life recently and that is...

faith and trust in the Lord's timing. 

Every talk I've heard or read this past month and in General Conference has been about faith and trust. When I was talking to my bishop one day (who is truly an amazing person), all he kept saying was to have faith and trust. One of my favorite talks from this past General Conference was by President Uchtdorf. He pretty much nailed what I've been going through. He talked about enjoying the journey and not dwelling on the finish line. Basically, find joy in what you are going through now and just trust in the Lord's timing that everything else will work out according to His plan. We just need to have faith! I'm grateful for the experiences I had because now I have such a strong testimony of that. I love the feeling of peace the Spirit brings when you are unsure about the future. It's pretty great. 

It was fun to have my brother and my nephews come to Utah for conference. It was the boys' first time going to the conference center. We got to go to the Saturday morning session where President Monson unleashed the new changes happening with missionary work. Boys can now go at 18 and girls at 19. CRAZY. I loved how my nephews were so excited about serving a mission. I'm just a little jealous that these 19 year old girls get to go when I've been waiting patiently, but it's okay... the Lord's timing is key right? My brother and the boys were only here for that session, then they headed back to California. I wish they could have stayed longer, it was nice having family here. 

Two most handsome future missionaries!

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